Born from an egg on a mountaintop, The Little Marionette hatched in Sydney’s Inner Western suburbia and developed into a specialty roaster at the forefront of boutique coffee in Australia.
The Little Marionette select, roast, blend and gently caress the beans to create the best opportunity for customers to bring their coffee to life. From crowd pleasing blends as smooth and deep as Barry White’s dulcet tones to seasonal single origin small batch roasts as sweet and diverse as David Bowie to please the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.
As coffee slurping nerds, the Little Marionette crew are always excited to have their coffee find its way into the hands of similarly passionate individuals and coffee savants.

Henry Lee’s is proud as punch to be serving up @thelittlemarionette coffee, Blend 7 Sanchez as its house blend daily. Its big, dark + bold, and perfectly balanced to take your milk for a morning wake up kick or a cheeky afternoon espresso.

For more information, or to jump on board the Marionette train, visit