Prodjuice sprouted on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2013. We are juice – cold pressed.

The Prodjuice ethos is simple. To bring you a high quality product, good for your health & good for the environment. Prodjuice, juice is pressed in small batches, each batch tasted & checked, then bottled lovingly by hand.

With the belief in creating as little waste as possible, All fruit & vegetable scraps are taken to the Prodjuice compost garden where they are either composted or added to worm farms. A lot of our compost is donated to local community gardens, which are also available at Prodjuice market stalls. Composting the scraps means the juicing process is virtually waste free.

Prodjuice… One of the very best tasting, and ethically created cold pressed juices around, and we at Henry Lee’s are extremely happy to be able to offer you this beautifully created product.